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Jeremy Renner attends the Hawkeye New York

American actor Jeremy Lee renner born on 7 January 1971. He started out in independence movie like Dahmer (2002) and Neo Ned (2005) before moving on to supporting parts in major movie like S.W.A.T (2003) and 28 weeks later (2007) Jeremy Renner received nominate for the Academy Awards for this Actor and best Supporting Actor for his role as a hot- headed Thief in the town (2008) and a soldier in the heart locker (2008) respectively (2010) Recently late night Jeremy Renner snow plow accident happened. 

Jeremy Renner snow plow accident

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Jeremy Renner snow plow accident.

Shocking bloody scene where Jeremy Renner was crushed by seven ton snow plow as star revels he thought he did be ‘just a spine and a brain’ and that he signed ‘I am sorry’ to his family from his hospital bed. Jeremy Renner contemplated his existence wondering whether he had be ‘just Spine and a brain’ is king image of where he was crushed by a 7 ton snow plow are revealed just months after the horrific incident. Renner had been using a snow cat plow to try to help is adult nephew, Alexander Fries, pull his car out of deep snow when he jumped out for getting to put on the emergency break. the plow started Bailing towards his nephew and the 52 years old is believed to have tried to get back into snow plow while it was moving in an effort to bring it to a halt that’s when he was pulled and it crushed. in his first interview since the January 1 when accident near his home Nevada 52 years old also reveled sign I am sorry to his family who said by his side as the Avengers star record he support 30 broken bones, a collapsed lung and had his liver priced by a Saturday in the following, death defying accident on New Years Day.Jeremy Renner snow plow accident in late night. 

Personal Information

Born – 7 January 1971 (age 52) Modesto, California, U.S

Occupation – Actor

Year active – 1995 – present

Status – Married

Spouse – Sonni Pacheco

Children – 1

Hair color – Black

Eye color – light brown

Carrier – Modesto’s Fred C. Beyer High School

On January 13, 2014, Renner wed Canadian model Sonni Pacheco.Renner and Pacheco are parents to a daughter. Pacheco filed for divorce from Renner on December 30, 2014, alleging irreconcilable differences.[61] Their daughter is shared between them.In the movie American Hustle, Pacheco and their daughter made cameo appearances.Renner was hit and run over by his snowplough at home on January 1, 2023, resulting in blunt chest damage and other injuries. He was taken to the hospital] The involved snowcat was a “extremely large” snowcat weighing 14,330 pounds, according to the Washoe County Sheriff. ( He was described as being in “critical but stable Renner was hit and run over by his snowplough at home on January 1, 2023, resulting in blunt chest damage and other injuries. He was taken to the hospital.]The involved snowcat was a “extremely large” snowcat weighing 14,330 pounds, according to the Washoe County Sheriff. (6,500 kg).

Early life

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Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld.

Jeremy Renner was born in modesto, California to parents Lee renner, a bowling alley manager in modesto in the 1980, and Valeria cearley his parent got divorce when he was ten after getting very as teenagers. of his 7 sibling, the youngest was born in 2011, making him the oldest. he is of German and Iris and ancestry. in 1989 graduate from modesto Fred C. Beyer High school. He studied Computer technology and criminology to Junior College before deciding to major in acting after taking a theatrical class as an option.

Jeremy Renner Career

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: Jeremy Renner attends the 35th Annual American Cinematheque Awards Honoring Scarlett

Early work

Jeremy Renner made is acting debut in the 1995 comedy National lampoon senior trip as a low achieving student. despite the films poor reviews, He want to make cameo appearance is on the television programs Deadly games and Odd luck and played Paul Hewitt’s Pal in the minior role in that television movie A Friend Betrayal Jeremy Runner appeared in a number of films during the following few years including Angel the net (2000). (1999) and the Time of Your life (1999) played a supporting role in a (2001) CSI: Crime Scene investigation episode in order to make and meet during the time when worked as a makeup artist

Early sucess : 2002- 2008

Runner played the titular serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the 2002 film Dehmer. Knowing that Dehmer had murdered 17 victim after the movie was finished, he founded difficult to handle the non fiction part he journald positive review for his performance and was nominated for the Independence spirit Award for Best lead male. he also made and experience as a bad boy Sheriff in pinks 2003 music video for the song ‘Trouble’ runner letter made appearance is in the heart is delightful above all things in 2004 and S.W.A.T as collin Farrell’s former police partner. Jeremy runner played roles in North Country 12 ,and A Little trip to Heaven, which he co-started in which Julia Stiles and forest whittaker in 2005. Runner also played the manager of Emile Hirsch character in the uncredited ,minor part in the skateboarding movie Lords of Downtown. He co – started in the 2006 Love comes to the Executioner with Jennifer Goodwin. in 2007 winner played wood height, The Cousin of outlaw Jesse James played by Brad Pitt in the critically a climbed film the associations of James by the covered Robert fod as well as sergeant doyle in the film 28 weeks later. he go started in take with Minni driver and appeared as a patient in a house episode. The Oaks pilot included Renner however the show was not taken up.

2009 -2012 : critical and commercial break out

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WESTWOOD, CA – NOVEMBER 06: Jeremy Renner arrives for the Premiere.

After costarring In the comedy drama ingenious with Dallas Roberts and appearing in the brief TV serials the Unusual, renner went to on receive positive review for his performance as sergeant first class William James in the 2009 thriller the Heart loker about the Iraq war,He received multiple accolades in the best actor category for the performance, as well as his first nomination for the best actor at the Academy Awards and a screen actor Guild Award. Moreover, he received his second screen actor build nomination as well as his first Golden Globe nominated for the best supporting Actor Renner is one of the young male actor who are “pushing” or being pushed to take over Hollywood as the new a list according to the Hollywood reporter. Renner played hawkeye in an credit cameo as part of the 2011 film Thor in order to get audience acquainted with him before the May 2012 release of The Avengers. In the same year he also starred in Tony Gilroy the Bourne Legacy the fourth installment in the Bureau series match Demons Jason Bourne, who appeared in the first three movie was replaced by Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross.

2013 – present continue working

Renner and Gemma Arterton played Hansel and Gretel or respectively in the action Hansel and Gretel a witch Hunter’s which was released in January 2013 .15 years have passed the since Hansel and Gretel murdered the witch who to abducted them and the 3d movie took place. And symbol cost of David O Russel remedy at American hustle which is based on that continues FBI ABSCAM oppression of the lead 1970s an ugly 1980. also included then Christine bale I really hope I amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence also play major part in the December 2013 movie. The movie received a lot of positive reviews, gardening nominations Ford Academy Award for this picture and disconnected girl award for outstanding performance buy a cast in a Motion picture.Renner acted in a few Avengers: Infinity War scenes as Hawkeye, but she did not end up in the movie.He was unable to reprise his role as William Brandt in Mission: Impossible – Fallout as a consequence of schedule issues.Twitch Williams will be portrayed by Jeremy Renner in Todd McFarlane’s Spawn revival, it was revealed in July 2018.He starred in Avengers: Endgame (2019),and after that, he played Hawkeye in a Disney+ Hawkeye series that premiered in 2021.The historical drama Knightfall, executive-produced by Renner, was announced by History in 2016. Renner suffered right elbow and left wrist fractures in 2017 while filming Tag (2018). Together with Elizabeth Olsen, his MCU co-star, he also starred in the movie Wind River.The historical drama Knightfall, executive-produced by Renner, was announced by History in 2016.Renner suffered right elbow and left wrist fractures in 2017 while filming Tag (2018).Together with Elizabeth Olsen, his MCU co-star, he also starred in the movie Wind River.

Renner acted in a few Avengers: Infinity War scenes as Hawkeye, but she did not end up in the movie.He was unable to reprise his role as William Brandt in Mission: Impossible – Fallout as a consequence of schedule issues.Twitch Williams will be portrayed by Jeremy Renner in Todd McFarlane’s Spawn revival, it was revealed in July 2018.He starred in Avengers: Endgame (2019),and after that, he played Hawkeye in a Disney+ Hawkeye series that premiered in 2021.The historical drama Knightfall, executive-produced by Renner, was announced by History in 2016. Renner suffered right elbow and left wrist fractures in 2017 while filming Tag (2018). Together with Elizabeth Olsen, his MCU co-star, he also starred in the movie Wind River.The historical drama Knightfall, executive-produced by Renner, was announced by History in 2016.Renner suffered right elbow and left wrist fractures in 2017 while filming Tag (2018).Together with Elizabeth Olsen, his MCU co-star, he also starred in the movie Wind River.


Renner is also a drummer, guitarist, keyboardist, and singer-songwriter. He played a role in the Sons of Ben early in his acting career. He has contributed songs to the soundtracks of various movies, including “Good Ole Rebel” for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and “American Pie” for Love Comes to the Executioner. Additionally, he made an appearance in the music videos for Brother Sal’s “Scenes on Sunset” and P!nk’s “Trouble.”Renner is also a drummer, guitarist, keyboardist, and singer,songwriter.He played a role in the Sons of Ben early in his acting career.He has contributed songs to the soundtracks of various movies, including “Good Ole Rebel” for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and “American Pie” for Love Comes to the Executioner.Additionally, he made an appearance in the music videos for Brother Sal’s “Scenes on Sunset” and pink’s “Trouble.”Renner is also a drummer, guitarist, keyboardist, and singer-songwriter.


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Extended plays

  • The medicine (2020)
  • Live for now(2020)


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LOS ANGELES, APRIL 22: Jeremy Renner  with Avengers.


National Lampoon’s Senior Trip (1995)

Paper Dragon (1996)

Fish in a Barrel (2001)

Dahmer, Monkey Love (2002)

S. W. A. T (2003)

Love comes to the Executioner (2006)

The heart locker(2008)

The Town (2010)

The Avengers (2012)

Wind River (2017)

Tag (2018)

Avengers Endgame (2019)

Black widow (2021)

Back home again (2021)

Glass Onion A Knives Out Mystery (2022)


Deadly games (1995)

Strange luck (1996)

The Net, time of your life (1999)

Angel (2000)

House (2007)

Reservations (2023)


# Jeremy Renner snow plow accident is? 

– Yes

# Jeremy Renner net worth? 

– 1.8 million is dollar

# Jeremy Renner height? 

– 5’10” Inc

# Is Jeremy Renner have child? 

– Yes 1 child. 

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