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Rosalia Bizcochito lyrics she performs at the Coachella Stage during the 2023 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Rosalia Vila Tobella, better known by her stage name rosala was born on 25 September 1992. She is a Catalina singer and song writer. She was raised on the suburbs of Barcelona and was born there, earning Her the Moniker ” a typical Popstar” for her musically diverse tastes. In addition to performing at musical bars and weddings, Rosalia Bizcochito lyrics is sweet and she studied musicology at catalonia College of Music after becoming enamoured with Spanish folk music at the age of 13.

Personal Information

Born – 25 September 1992 (age31)

Height – 5 ft 9 inc

Weight – 59 kg. (128 lbs)

Face color – skiny

Hair color – Black

Occupation – Singer, Song writer, Record producer

Year’s active – 2013 – present

Alma matar – Catalonia College of music

Works – Discography, songs, live performance

Instruments – Vocal. Piano. Guitar

Los Angeles, a cover album She co-wrote with Raul refree, and El mal querer, her baccalaureate project, both helped her graduate with honours. The singles “malamente” and “pienso en ti Mira”. which captured the attention of the Spanish general audience and were published to worldwide critical acclaim, were the result of remaining Flamenco by fusing it with pop and hip hop music. the Latin Grammy award for album of the year and was included in Rolling Stones’list of the 500 Greatest albums of All Time music scene. with her 2019 album. Rosala explored urban music and found a success all over the world. She added an unconventional edge to Reggaeton.

Rosalia  Bizcochito lyrics and she had amassed the most number one single for native artist in her home nation with 11. in edition she has been honoured with two Grammy awards.11 Latin Germany awards. four MTV Video Music Awards, and MTV Europe music awards,3 UK Music Video Awards and two premio Ruido awards. These are only a few of the Honours she has received. she received the Rising Star Award from Billboard in 2019 for ” changing the sound of today’s main screen music with her press Flamenco pop” and made German history by being the first Spanish singing act to be nominated for Best New Artist. she is regarded as one of the most popular and significant Spanish vocal list of all time.

Rosalia life and career

Rosalía Bizcochito lyrics
Rosalía Bizcochito lyrics she performs live on stage during the closing day of Lollapalooza Brazil

1992 – 2016 : Early life ans career beginning

Rosala was nurtured in Sant Esteve Sesrovires was born on 25 September 1992. in sent Cugat del Valles. Spain Baix llobregat. she was born into a non artistic family and is the youngest child of business women pillar Tobella, who operates a small, metal working focused family firm. Josh manual Vila, her father, was born they parted ways in 2019.and serves and creative director. Early on rosala showed an interest in the performing arts, especially after learning about Cameron de la Islas Discography.

She performed at the 2016 Jerez Jazz festival as well as the International music festival of cadaques as the opening act 4 flamenco musician miguel poveda, who was accompanied by Alfredo Lagos. She collaborated with roco Marquez on the Primavera sound presentation of Rahul refree produced album in 2015.album singing the song” last night was External” for their advertising Jingle. They included their own self released song “Un millon de veces on the charity album tres guitarras para el autismo. she was a Flamenco instructor and vocal coach at the age of 20. In 2016 worked on the song “antes de morirme” with her ex-boyfriend and Spanish rapper C. Tangana. after the popularity of Rosala’s more recent material, the song become a sleeper hit and debut on the Spanish Singles Chart in 2018. When the collaboration was included in the soundtrack for the first season of the Spanish Netflix series Elite, it attracted recognition on Globle scale.

2016 – 2017 : Los Angeles

A 100 spectators watched rosala perform in 2016 in the tablao deal carmen, a Flamenco specific venue at the Pueblo Espaol in Barcelona. Raul refree, whom she invited to the show, was in in the crowd. they started collaborating on two albums, rosala relocated at California after singing a deal with Universal Music letter in the year, she continued by just releasing los Angels the album’s sombre lyrics about death by referee’s abrasive Guitar chords. it features adaptions of well regarded Flamingo classics. At the 18th latin Germany awards denomination for the Best New Artist the album was released on 10 February 2017 through Universal Music and it produced the single,(which was released in October 2016.)

Rosalia Bizcochito was approached by rtv in 2017 to take part in the pre selection to represents pain in the 2017 Euro vision song contest but she turned them down due to scheduling issues with the marketing of her debut album Los Angeles tour was a concert tour that rosala and Rahul referee under took in promotion of their debutes to you album together the tour kick up on February 11 2017 in Granada and it conclude on March 2018, at Barcelona’s palau de la music Joanne is who become immediately O best with rosala, want to one of their shows in Madrid with singer baby Johannes their requested that his manager Rebeca Leon collaborate with Rosala. become she believed she was a “once in 50 year kind of artist, “decided to Handle her.

2018 – 20

Rosalia started working on the music for her second Studio album, EI Mal Querer, in early 2017 as part of her baccalaureate project at the catalonia college of music. She personally picked the Spanish artist Ei guincho as her collabrator, and she has her friend created the albums concept batting on The Romance Of flaming car to correspond with the albums plot rosala board a lot of her Aone money into the records production desperate having no budget because she was an independent artist working on an university project she even close came close to going “bankrupt.” using a computer microphone and a sound table in your residence in Barcelona ,the album was Virtually entirely recorded, it would blend contemporary pop and urban music with traditional Flamenco.

The singer revealed the name of her 4th coming album in A Brief d i y YouTube series in May 2018. Rosala was featured in the song “Brillo” from J Balvin’s vibras, his fifth Studio album, which was released concurrently. Rosala released the album lead song” Malamente,”letter that month the song attached the attention of various music critics, kourtney Kardashian and other international celebrities and the Canada director music video went viral on social media out of the five latin Germany awards for which the song was nominated, it want two best alternative song and best urban fusion performance. in July the follow up song 300 into meri was made available for its artistic appeal and paushtik symbolism the music video on praise from the criticize the track was up for best pop.

2020 – present : Collaboration and Motomami

The third Studio album by rosala was already begin to be recorded. rosala relocated to Miami as a result of the covid-19 pendemic, where he continued to work on the record and contributed vocal to Survival tracks. remix of relacion that also included Daddy Yankee farruko and balvin was released on 4 september 2020, giving Rosala her Secondary appearance on the Billboard hot 100,peaking at number 64 she also contributed to the song”la Noche De Anoche”from bad Bunny 3rd solo Studio album, was eventually made available as a single on Valentine Day the groups performance on Saturday night live was broadcast worldwide on Spotify 6.63 million streams.

Motomami won the 4 category for which it was nominated at the 23rd Annual Latin Grammy awards in November 2020. to Album of the year, Best Alternative Music Album, Best Engineer Album and Best Recording Package. Rosala Bizcochito lyrics and she won album of the Year twice as a lead artist, making her the first female and 6th act overall to do so additionally, she was nominated for two Grammy Awards. Including best latin Rock or Alternative Album and Best Music film format Tik Tok live, with she want see New York Times Rolling Stone ,pitchfork and w among other publications clay mode that the Grammys and the Recording Academy for the Album of the Year Award.


Music genres and style

Rosala music has been called “challenging” for both the performer and the audience. Rosala is known for the conceptual nature of her albums and songs ,which frequently veer into several generous her Music as procedure from folk to event of two minutes stream rosala begin her professional career as a full Fleming’s ko singer because she hold a masters degree in Flamingo interpretation rosala debut album loss Angeles a fox CD that was released in 2017, is positioned as the contemporary Cantaora who was greater understanding of the present. due to the maturity of the genre, the singer has been called” an old soul trapped in a young body” ever since.

Rosalia  Bizcochito lyrics and song writing ability have recently come under scrutiny and called out the being random and kitsch her lyrics generally cover avoid range of subject and make numerous illusions to popular and general culture. These references may be evident in her visual work as well, which she regrets as the “crucial way of communication between The Artist and the consumer” one of the singer closest falls in the graphic designer car lota drops a lot of visual influence from Japanese Heritage in addition to Spanish tradition the vocal list frequently images ,modern painting, and cinematic sequence inside our musical and translating her expensive knowledge of artistry to the general public. She listed Andrei Tarkovsky and pedro Almodovar as two of her favourite directors.


Rosala has named James blake,and Cameron Dala Isla as some of her main musical inferences. in 2019, she admitted to MTV accidentally started listening to him when I was 13 years old. my high school Pals and I both enjoyed listening to Flamingo music I was shocked to find him and exclaimed oh my God I don’t believe someone had a voice that could sing with such passion, I would be completely overcome she server as my En Flamingo mental it is all His fault that I can want to his wide thrilling Cosmos inside this particular musical generic Spanish in another flamenco artist that rosala was influenced by she does not like.

Rosala mein source of a fashion inspiration is lola flores . I love her she said in a Billboard interview. I adore her attitude and her courage . See also mentioned carmen Amaya, saying that whenever any women was dancing in typically man clothing, she used to wear masculine clothing rosala has started going to face and shows on a regular basis and his spoken about her enthusiasm for designer like palomo Spain, Dion Lee, Martin Margiela, Dapper Dan, pepa Salazar, Matthew Williams, Alexander Wang, Barberry, Domenico, Dior and Versace, among others she worn Givenchy and Rick Owens to two Met Gala events.

Internal Information

She is of paternal Asturian and maternal Catalan heritage. Her paternal grandparents were of Galican and Andalusia origin. She is fluent in Catalian, Spanish and English

Rosalía Bizcochito lyrics
Rauw Alejandro performs with Rosalía Bizcochito lyrics at the Coachella Stage


Rosala began dating Spanish artist C. Tangana in 2016. 8 of the 11th song on Rosala sophomore album, El Mal Qurer, were co-written by them, and they also sent together twice, it ended in May 2018.that duo has since made references to one another in songs, messages on social media, interviews and music videos. Tangana informed for the media in April 2020 “the two have good friendship”. She has been dating tutorial singer Rao Elsa Andros ing Slate 2019,and the couple announced their romance in September 20 21 his first Studio album, Afrodisco, which was released on 13 November 2020,was a collaboration between the two. In March 2023, they announced they would be releasing a joint Ep titled RR. The couple announced their engagement on March 2023

Political views and religion

Rosala declares herself to be a feminist. the singer said “I was 15 when I entered recording studio for the first time having all these women as reference s”after receiving praise at that 2019 Billboard women in music event. The fact that there were only man their during the session astounded me so much that I have been Starving ever since to have an equal member of men and women in the studio it’s really that easy. Rosala’s left leg inked with a garter belt to well I exports 1970 body at performance depicted in the tattoo as a remainder of previous slavery the garment represent the represent of sexually and the garter is an indication of a woman. She wore a green handkerchief to a concert in Mexico to so her support for the National Campaign for the right to legal, safe and free abortion the singer is a strong advocate for LGBT rights. she intended to donate all proceeds from the her viva glam cosmetics campaign to organisation that promote women, children and LGBT people . She denounced samuel luizs murder in July 2021 saying “Samuel did not die, he was assassinated. Regarding her religious Convictions, Rosala disclosed that neither her parents nor herself had ever been Baptised. when she freely requested her Christian grandma used to take her to church. despite never having bowed the Catholic Church or thought to herself as religious, she started to believe in God there

Regarding politics and global crisis

Rosalia tweeted “fuck Vox” in November 2019 response to Spain’s second general election in as many months. this is in reference to politics and global crisis .The far right Nationalist political party Vox held a significant number of seat in the Spanish Parliament and was very well-liked at the time. if you days later when patient about politics during a news conference sheep responded I think it is a very delicate topic and I don’t think this is the replace to talk about it in May 2020,Rosala expression khareed at the death of George floyd and briefly attend a demonstration in Miami in support of Rachel equality before leaving to perform a daily hight hosted virtual benefit concert.


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Rosalía performs during day two of Lollapalooza Chile


Los Angeles (2017)

El Mal Querer (2018)




  • Pain and Glory in 2019


  1. Later…. With Jools Holland – 2018
  2. 33rd Goya Awards – 2019
  3. Savage x Fenty Show Vol. 2 – 2020
  4. Saturday Night Live, Lola – 2021
  5. Caminos del Flamenco, Chillin island – 2022
  6. Soy Georgina – 2023

Music videos

  • Adore You – 2019
  • Wap – 2020 


Los Angeles Tour (2017- 2018)

El Mal Querer Tour (2019)

Motomami World Tour (2022)


  • American Music Awards
  • Billboard Music Awards
  • Billboard Latin Music Awards
  • Grammy Awards
  • Latin Grammy Awards
  • Los 40 Music Awards
  • MTV Europe Music Awards
  • MTV video Music Awards
  • Uk Music Video Awards
  • Premio Lo Nuestro
  • Premio oden 

Rosalia Net worth

  • 8-9 million USD (as in 2020)

Social media

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Rosalía performs live on stage during the closing day of Lollapalooza Brazil
  1. Instagram – Rosalia. Vt (11.9 million followers
  2. YouTube – ROSALIA (7.6 million subscribe)


How old is Rosalia?

31 years

Where does Rosalia live?

– Sant Cugat del Valles 

What nationality is Rosalia?


What ethnicity is Rosalia?

– rosala, a Barcelona native

How tall is Rosalia?

5 ft 9 inc

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